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Floral Friday – DIY Bouquet for the Day!

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Floral Friday & Tips for Saving

Hi, Friends: It’s Friday!  Today, I am inspired to share with you some floral bouquet decorating tips that are easy to do, bring elegance and a classy look to any vignette, and will save money while doing so. 
Some of my favorite spots to pick up beautiful silk florals are Hobby Lobby especially the 40% and 50% sales that happen on a monthly cycle. Also, At Home provides an array of beautiful silk florals that are very cost-effective. 
And finally, Walmart, yes, there I said it…Walmart florals are very beautiful and are a little cheaper than Hobby Lobby. Though their selection is still growing you can find a beautiful accent piece to go in any bouquet. 
There is one other secret treasure I will highlight today, if you are not local to Eastern North Carolina, then I will make sure to share this treasure with you by doing a secret gift…more to come on that front. 
Yes, the treasure in this area is called New River Pottery. They are located in Greenville and Wilmington, North Carolina. New River Potter is a wonderful local business to this area and provides an amazing treasure trove of silk flowers, home decor, and season items.
Most of the floral bouquets designed in my portfolio are from one or all of these stores featured today. 
Tips for saving in any floral bouquet include using the colors and seasonal themes across many holidays versus just one holiday. Adding accent picks will also provide a new look to your floral design. Finally, my favorite cost-effective method to creating my bouquets is what vase you will display your bouquet in… 

Is it an old vase?
Is it a milk glass pitcher?
Is it something you found in your spouse’s tool shed? 
Is it an old milk can? 
Is it ceramic rain boots?
All of these options and ideas bring forth a unique characteristic that will unfold as you put together your floral bouquet. 
Provided below is a tutorial for a very simple bouquet for spring and the Easter celebration. 
As always, please send me your questions, ideas, thoughts, and join the discussion! 
Happy Floral Friday!

Spring Silk Florals

White Ceramic Boots with Purple and Red Tulips, Dark and Light Pink Gerber Daisies, finishing off with pink polka dot ribbon (sale ribbon from New River Pottery)

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