Wedding Event Coordination

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Welcome to your special day!!

For many special years, I was honored to coordinate, plan, decorate, and participate in many wedding celebrations and extraordinary events leading up to the wedding.

Since moving to Eastern North Carolina right by beautiful Emerald Isle, being married to my spouse, and celebrating our wedding on the coast of North Carolina, I am not only inspired to provide a special brand of wedding coordinating but also incorporate the many talented people from many areas of wedding photography, floral arrangements, wedding venues, wedding boutiques, and oh the cakes…one of my favorite things!

From the very beginning, I began coordinating weddings while I worked in Washington, D.C. It became a love because I had the privilege to make the couple’s special day memorable, but also gave them a gift that was carried with them.

As you will see in the coming weeks, many brides have become dear friends and they will share their experiences, their ceremonies, the anticipation, the preparation, and the incredibly special day.

I look forward to working with each one of you!

With Love,