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Starting All Over Again….!!!

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Starting All Over Again....

Dear Friends, 

This blog today is for motherssistersgirlfriends, aunts, female entrepreneurs, the creators, the female executive, the authors, the leaders in the Halls of Congress, and for my dearest friends, this is for you. All of you out there who are taking the leaping faith to start your second act, I applaud you. PS: Thank you, Patty Heaton, for “Your Second Act” book release during the midst of the pandemic. You knocked it out of the park. 

This week we recognized International Women’s Day. I did not feature a post, but today I am. Here is why. As I was getting my daily dose of Fox Business, my former employer, Varney featured women in business, the service industry, and women’s comeback.  

Well, today, I am on a similar journey, after 20 years of doing political, advocacy, and nonprofit communications I decided to start my own decorating and event boutique. 

Am I scared, YES! But do I believe I can do this…an even bigger YES. I can list on both hands just today all the hiccups I had with getting myself to this point. 

So, as women, we are resilient not because of accomplishments, or who knows us or who we know…but because of who we are, what we are becoming in this second act, maybe third act or even fourth…. most of all whose we are, children of the Highest! 

As I start all over again, this very vulnerable feeling encamps the heart of hearts. But, I am delighted and frankly ecstatic to bring to you my event coordination and decorating boutique, but I also bring to you my creativity, my joys, my hopes, my writings, in hopes of displaying for you a perfect masterpiece for your upcoming weddings, your children’s hospital events, your Christmas balls, staging your home for sale, and all your favorite occasions.  

I thank you for starting this journey with me, for having the faith in me, for inspiring me my many decorating friends, and the many brides I was able to serve during my wonderful years in Washington, D.C

I leave with you Proverbs 31:16 “She considers a field and buys it; with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard.” 

I am ready to create your masterpiece!!  


Northern Roots and Southern Charm


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